Announcing FRC’s new Director of Family Ministries

When Janelle Barton told me that she and Nate would be temporarily relocating to Colorado, I asked her to take charge of finding her replacement as Director of Family Ministries.  After a six week process of consulting with parents, volunteers, and consistory, Janelle returned with her recommended candidate–my wife, Jen Waite!

Consistory consulted, prayed, and decided to offer her the position with my recusal from the decision.  Jen and I consulted with our kids, prayed, and Jen decided to accept the position!

So. . . it is my pleasure to announce that beginning this week, Jen Waite is our new Director of Family Ministries!  Jen has a BA in Elementary Education, has studied childhood development extensively, has many years of experience as a teacher–both in private schools and in children’s ministry.  More importantly, she has a passion for the spiritual training of children and the equipping of parents.  

Please take a moment to offer your prayers for Jen has she takes on this part time (15 hours/week) role.  Pray, also, and consider the possibility that YOU may be able to volunteer and play a key role in the development of this important ministry area!  Jen will need a big and dedicated team to reach the kids we love so much at FRC!

Please see Janelle’s comments from her recommendation below:

“I am strongly recommending that you consider Jen Waite as my replacement for the position of Family Ministries Director. She has the credentials and experience to support the recommendation, but what I want to address is her passion and the desire she has for FRC kids and for the future of the program. I know that Jen shares the same passion and commitment that I have and that is absolutely necessary for the program. She has knowledge of the developmental ages of the children, what should be taught, and how it should be taught. She is organized and has a gift for creating and implementing successful activities which was evident in our VBS last year. I was blown away by how she created the program from scratch that was age-appropriate for every level.

Jen is loved and respected throughout our congregation and can relate on a personal level to everyone. I know if approved, she will be able to surround herself with a support team that will assist in her in the different areas of Family Ministries (curriculum, volunteers, additional activities, training, etc.). We feel so fortunate that we have someone in our congregation already who can step in and make this a smooth transition and can continue forward with the ministry.”

Peace to you,
Pastor Matt