Holiday Bazaar Buzz

Somehow it is already Autumn. How did that happen? Just yesterday we were talking about working on projects for FRC’s Holiday Bazaar, and now it is barely a month away! How have you contributed to the Bazaar this year? There is still time to help out if you have not had a chance to do so yet. As the day draws near, Cheryl Wieldraayer and Nancy Wezeman are busy organizing a fun-filled event that will draw both church members and the community under the same roof. Just imagine for a minute all the ways God could do something remarkable in the lives of those who walk through the doors of FRC. This event is a day you will want to be a part of, even if your part seems small to you. So let us explore the options of how we can work together and reach the community of Oak Harbor!

Do you enjoy baking delicious goodies and tasty pies? We need your baked goods for the Bazaar Bake Shop to sell and yummy pies to serve for lunch. Are you crafty and wondering if your skills can be used? There is still time to sign up and start a project to sell! Maybe you have an attic or garage full of fun and unique collectibles? Well those can definitely be sold in Collectibles Corner (formerly know as “Granny’s Attic”).

Or how about a fun family project of thinking up a theme for a gift basket and creating it together to sell on the day of the Bazaar? We are looking for those, as well. We even have baskets and people willing to wrap up your items if you will purchase them and bring them to the church. Contact Dawn Schulz to sign your family or group of friends up to help with this easy project! We even need volunteers to help out on both Friday, the day before, and Saturday, the day of the Holiday Bazaar. There will be childcare available for volunteers on both days, so don’t let childcare be an excuse holding you back from getting involved.

Which opportunity mentioned above piqued your interest? Visit the Connect Desk in the Lobby after the service to sign you and your family up for the part of the Bazaar that interests you the most! Let each of us do our part to create a fun, enjoyable environment for those in our community and our church family to come together, kick off the holiday season, and enjoy a delicious lunch. Remember to spread the word about the arts and crafts Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, November 4th to your friends, neighbors, and anyone else you may know. With having a children’s table this year set up specifically for kids to put their creative skills to work on their own Christmas gifts, this is a family event that all will enjoy, and everyone will be glad to be a part of!