About Pastor Matt

Senior Pastor

Matt Waite

Family:  Jen + Olivia, Grace, Isabel, Maggie and Wyatt (+ our dog, Winnie)
Grew up:  Midland, Michigan
Places:  Lived – Windsor, England; favorites – Venice and Paris
Favorite scripture:  Parable of the Prodigal Son
Why I’m in ministry in one sentence:  God wouldn’t let me do anything else!
Movies:  Rocky, Rocky II, The Mission, The Godfather, Christmas Vacation
Sports:  Michigan State Spartans, New York Yankees (I’m sorry!), and uh, the Seattle Seahawks (!)
You may not know:  I’m totally addicted to playing Clash Royale on my phone.  (Want to join my team?)
I want you to know:  I’m a big fan of SNL, Tim Hawkins, Jim Gaffigan and anything else that makes my wife and me laugh until it hurts!
Spare time:  Spare time?  What’s that?  Play Clash Royale and holler at my dog!