It was a “Spring Fling” indeed!

On March 19th, the FRC Youth hosted a “Spring Fling” brunch for some of the more sprightly in our FRC Family. The brunch was a step back in time with the goal of serving and loving others in our church family and making connections with those outside of their peer group. A wonderful time was had by all and the FRC Youth are grateful to have had the chance to get to know some people in our congregation better.

Here is what one guest had to say about this special event . . .

“It was a Spring Fling,” indeed!  The care and attention to detail with which we were honored was so evident.  With a smile and umbrella opened to ward off the raindrops, my attentive escort guided me into a white table-clothed banquet room that blossomed with flowers, even on the colorful napkins!  A bevy of winsome young ladies made sure coffee cups were filled and each course of food served impeccably.  As the various hosts circulated from table to table, the conversation flowed freely.  We shared our backgrounds, our families, our faith and our future hopes (especially from the youth).  The skits and music created a light-hearted atmosphere — down to the clever farewell borrowed from “The Sound of Music.”  If “getting to know you” was their objective, I’d say it was a success!  My memory box is full of bright young faces; a more positive hope for the future, if this generation is going to be in charge; and a heart full of thankfulness for the experience of a wonderful party given to honor my generation.  Blessings to all of you!”

Here are some other comments received about the brunch:

“I don’t know when I have felt so loved, honored, spoiled and had just plain fun as at the wonderful brunch on Saturday.”

“I was encouraged how the youth deliberately started and carried on conversations with the older people in attendance.”

“The food was great!”

“This was lovely.”

“Best time I’ve had in years.”

“I am so glad I came.  This was wonderful.”

The FRC Youth wishes to thank everyone who attended Spring Fling and they look forward to hosting another special event like this in the future!