Precious Memories

Precious Memories, two subtle yet beautiful words that bring warm, familial memories to mind. One may envision the treasured image of a stunning bride dressed in her grandma’s wedding dress walking down the aisle to her happily ever after. A beloved memory can be as simple as a quilt crafted by three generations or a Bible full of the wisdom passed down through generations. These narratives bottled up in our minds are eager to be let out for future generations to glean tidbits of wisdom and unique stories full of hope, sorrow, and laughter.

This art of storytelling is precisely the aim of the Women’s Precious Memories Tea on Saturday, May 20th. It will be a chance for each woman and young lady to dig out their treasured family heirlooms, write a narrative about those treasures, and proudly display their heritage for others to see. From a simple family recipe on a card, to a priceless antique, to a treasured picture of a loved one — we each have a story worth sharing.

The tea costs nothing but an hour and a half of your time, so invite your friends, neighbors, and even the woman who walks the track the same time as you, because one never knows what may be shared or what will be taken away. Plus, this tea is open to women and young ladies of all ages! So young moms — bring your daughters and let them invite their friends, too. Childcare will be available for ages 0-3.

So dust off your best dressed tea attire, whether a tea hat and dress or a t-shirt and jeans, mark your calendars for Saturday, May 20th from 2:00-3:30pm, and join us for a fun-filled afternoon of laughter, storytelling, tea sipping, and of course, yummy tea goodies to munch on. Keep an eye out for signups, more information, and invites for your friends. Let’s fill Wezeman Hall with Precious Memories from every walk of life!