Thin Places: Heaven and Earth Collide

Thin places are snatches of holy ground, tucked into the corners of our world, where we might just catch a glimpse of eternity.  They are aha moments, the beautiful realizations.” –Mary DeMuth, Thin Places: A Memoir

In the Old Testament, God chose to reveal himself in certain geographies that were thought to be “Holy Ground.”  It was thought that mountains, especially, were places where heaven met earth and where one could encounter God.  Many folks still feel that way about mountains.

God had the people of Israel build a tabernacle where He would “reside.”  The tabernacle was mobile, so God would “move” with the people as they traveled to the Promised Land.  Once Israel was established, God had the people build an immobile Temple where he would dwell as a sign of His promise to always reside with the people of Israel in the Promised Land.  If you wanted to meet God, you needed to go to these places where heaven met earth to find him!

In the New Testament covenant, though, God reveals that heaven does not meet earth in a location, but in a person–Jesus.  Our earthly depravity collides with God’s holiness in Jesus Christ who is fully man and fully God!

We learn from Christ’s teaching that God is “omnipresent.”  So when we “feel” God more in a mountaintop experience–either in a physical location like a retreat or in an experience like meditation or the singing of a song–it really tells us more about ourselves than about God.

God is just as present when we are going through drudgery in our daily lives as He is when we are in a quiet retreat.

This Sunday (Jan 15), we begin a sermon series that explores these and other aspects of the Biblical witness called, “Thin Places: Heaven and Earth Collide.”

How do we experience “aha” moments and beautiful realizations of God’s presence and plans for our lives?  Come with me on a journey to discover God’s purpose for your life!

Who’s with me?

Peace to you,
Pastor Matt