Update: FRC KIDS!

FRC KIDS have celebrated two different seasons within a two week span, right here at FRC!  First we started with spring season which concluded our Figures of the Reformation Sunday School series with a home run!  Our first through fifth graders participated in Reformation Baseball . . . a battle of the minds were up to bat as they competed for the championship!  The players were given a fact of one of the Reformation figures . . . if they answered correct, they received a double . . . if not, the opposing team could answer for a single. Home runs were awarded if they were able to recite a memory verses. It came down to the last inning . . . the FRC KIDS Blue team came from behind and took the championship title with a memory verse home run!!!   And a special congratulations to our All-Star Team who memorized all of their memory verses during our Reformation Series!  Congratulations to Isabel Waite, Madeliene Reichman and the Keresey girls – Violet, Cosette, and Ivy.

Christmas is right around the corner…think advent, Christmas lights, cookies, and yes, Christmas movie classics!!!  Our first FRC Kids Movie Night was a hit!  We had three different rooms with three different movies . . . plus, hot chocolate, decorating cookies, and for the older kids, pizza and popcorn!  We couldn’t think of a better way to start the Christmas Season than with spending time with our friends and spreading the holiday spirit!

I love our church family!

Janelle Barton
Family Ministries Director