Using Our Talents to Reach Our Community

What are your plans for this Summer? Hanging out with family? Me too! And what better way to bond with family than by creating an art project together? Dust off your Pinterest account and find something you can all create together!

But don’t let the fun end there! The arts & crafts Bazaar we hold at FRC in November is looking for your family’s unique pieces of art. We want to sell your creations this Fall! And while you’re on Pinterest, pick out a yummy bread or dessert recipe, pin it for later, make it together as the first week of November draws near, and donate it as a wonderful addition to our baked goods table. Also, take some Summertime and clean out those garages and attics to sell your unused keepsakes and relics in Grandma’s Attic. Do you have a heart for making antiques shine again? We need your specific help in this room!

There is a lot that goes into making the arts & crafts Bazaar a success. Consider how you can play a part, even if it is just one art project and seems inconsequential. Contact Cheryl Wieldraayer or Nancy Wezeman for a full list of serving opportunities, project ideas, and to sign yourself, your family, and your friends up to participate. Keep an eye out in the coming months for more information on how to get involved and further Bazaar details.

Let us together turn FRC into a welcoming space for holiday shoppers, families, and of course anyone looking for a delicious bowl of hot chicken noodle soup and fresh apple pie. Yes, lunch is on the menu to buy, and you do not want to miss out! We all have a hidden talent God is calling us to use. So how will you serve your community at the arts & crafts Bazaar this year? Remember, it’s the size of your heart not the size of your hands that matters.