What’s all the buzz about?

If you have attended FRC’s 10:30am worship service you have witnessed it . . . Pastor Matt calls the FRC Kids up to the front of the sanctuary and one by one they come up . . . and they keep coming!  Last week we had over 35 kids attend our Sunday School programs!  If you haven’t yet, just walk in the classrooms and see what all the buzz is about!

Children and Worship (for four year olds through Kindergarten) are hearing and seeing stories of the New Testament come to life through wooden figures!  Our first through fifth graders are going into their third month of THINK ORANGE and believe me, it is worth the hype! The curriculum is engaging and speaks to the hearts of our kids!  Stop the kids in the hallway and ask them about what they are learning!

Midweek has the same hype but just a different curriculum!  Ms. Sally’s Kids Quest class is working through their catechism questions and doing a great job! She has such a love of teaching and it shows each Wednesday!  The older kids are participating in TEAM KID  . . . each week there is also a missions application to the lesson.  It is so exciting to see the growth in our Children’s Ministries programs!  We are so thankful for those who serve in the different areas – we couldn’t do it without them!

I love our church family!

Janelle Barton
FRC Family Ministries Director