Winter at FRC Kidz

Winter has definitely hit FRC KIDZ preschool! There may not be snow on the ground outside but there has been a whirlwind of snow activities inside our classrooms! The Terrific Tigers (Pre-K) started the year off learning about hibernation and put their own bears to sleep! If you go inside their rooms make sure you are quiet . . . we don’t want to wake them before spring!

One of their writing activities was about if they lived in a snow globe . . . what would you do if you lived in one??? Our kids had some great responses!

Our five-day Pre-K class spent the month learning about Arctic animals.  They measured out the different animals and compared their height with each animal and participated in an experiment on how Arctic animals keep warm!

Snowmen were everywhere in the Shining Stars classroom! Some of their activities for the month included activities about snowmen at night and what they do!  They even created “snow” and made their own snowmen and art masterpieces of a snowy day!   The kids are doing a great job during their math lessons that are taught through thematic games and learning how to write the letter of the week as well as their sounds! Way to go Shining Stars!!

Our Fabulous Frogs classroom is busy, busy, busy! They may be our youngest classroom but they are actively engaged in their learning centers and art activities throughout the day!  Some of their favorite activities for the month included each of them becoming a “snowpal,” playing in their sensory bin with gingerbread slime, working on their numbers and color recognition and bringing their teddy bears to school!  It is never a dull moment at our preschool!

As we look ahead we can’t help but be excited about some of the thematic units we have coming up:  Space, Dr. Suess Day, Dinosaurs and much much more! We invite you to take a walk through the classrooms and see what YOUR church preschool is doing!

Keep an eye out for our 2018 registration flyer and summer camps . . . there are great things happening at FRC!

I love our FRC Family!


Janelle Barton
FRC Kidz Preschool Director