Sweet Life Cafe

As hard as it is to believe, Summer is coming to an end. Vacations are winding down, Back-to-School is in full swing, and church activities will soon be resuming. Our warm Summer months are slowly ebbing away to the colder days of Fall and Winter.

With September right around the corner, please pull out your calendars and circle Saturday, September 30th as a day to set aside. Why you may ask? This will be the day of FRC’s Women’s Retreat! Men, this is your chance to make sure all the women in your life know about this wonderful opportunity. Women, we want all of you to join us at the Sweet Life Café!

From 8:30 in the morning until 4:30 in the evening we will delve into God’s Word as we focus on how to sweetly savor our time with God. With a small coffee shop feel to set the mood, delicious food for breakfast and lunch, a gorgeous location for quiet devotional times, and friends to laugh and pray together with you, women this is one event you won’t want to miss. As one participant from last year stated, “I got to know my fellow sisters in Christ better. We laughed; we cried; I felt blessed to be there!”

So start thinking of the women in your life who need to be there. Invite a friend and/or neighbor. For those moms who need daycare, find a fellow mommy and go in together on one sitter. Maybe driving isn’t your thing, so find a few other women to carpool with you. More specific details will be announced shortly, but set aside September 30th now. We hope all you women will join us as we sit with Jesus in the Sweet Life Café.