Work It Out . . . Rewind . . . Jump Ball

Can I tell you about my excitement?  My EXCITEMENT!  My excitement about how the Lord provides!  We started this school year with a need for more leaders in the FRC kids area and He has provided.  We have a fabulous group of people serving on Sundays and Wednesdays and I am so thankful they took up the invitation of the Holy Spirit to be involved with our kids!

BUT my excitement doesn’t end there!  I love our Orange curriculum* and am passionate about the idea that church (think bright yellow light) and the family/people (think warm red heart) combine to make an outrageous orange, making up five orange essentials:

  • When you combine two influences, you create synergy.
  • When you combine two influences, you amplify what’s important.
  • When you combine two influences, you build an everyday faith.
  • When you combine two influences, you increase the odds.
  • When you combine two influences, you mobilize the generations.

And WAIT for it …. the next three months the scripture that is preached on Sunday will be the same in the 10am service as the 1st-6th grades on Sundays and Wednesdays.  How fantastic is that?  I can’t help but dream, hope and encourage us to take advantage of the connections that are made possible by this match up.  Consider memorizing the monthly scripture with us.  Invite a church friend/family over for a meal or chat over a cup of coffee about the scripture content.  Ask a child about what’s been happening in their worship and teaching time.  Simply listen and watch for ways to allow the Lord to connect us firmly on the rock of Christ and invite others to join with you.  We don’t have to do it, but I hope to share with our kids that we get to do such things.  Our gratefulness for the gift of Jesus spills over, resulting in such action on our part.

And by the way — it’s never too late!  We’re always happy to include more people in serving with FRC Kids.  Contact Jen Waite, Family Ministry Director,

* You can read more in, Think Orange: Imagine the Impact When Church and Family Collide by Reggie Joiner